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6 Serama Hatching Eggs

6 Serama Hatching Eggs. 


           You are buying six fresh hatching eggs.

        I will include as many extras as the hens allow. You will receive at least two extras. I usually like to include more.

          I keep my breeding birds very healthy and treat them as investments. So, I monitor their health and do everything I can to promote their health and happiness. None of my chickens are extremely flighty or aggressive as I do not believe in breeding those traits. So, you will be receiving eggs from mentally and physically healthy chickens.

         This is a great way start to start having your own flock of Serama.

6 Serama Hatching Eggs

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  • Acknowledgment


                  * Hatching eggs and shipping eggs is always a gamble.

                By purchasing, you are acknowledging that I make no guarantees to your hatch rate. I can not make any guarantees due to the post office handling, your incubation, or any other factors. I do everything possible to ship the eggs within the days of payment. However, I will communicate with you about any potential delays. While I normally gather 6-10 eggs a day, these are live animals with wills of their own and sometimes they hold out or have dry spells, I will communicate with you if that happens and offer you the option to wait for when they resume (usually within a week) or a refund. Serama eggs are tiny and fragile. At home, I average above a 95% fertility rate and an 80% hatch rate. However, any travel at all greatly impacts hatch rates. 

           While I can’t guarantee rates once they leave me, I do everything I can to set you up for success. Sometimes the damage from handling is too great for mother nature to overcome and your incubation settings and methods are also out of our control, though we will do our best do guide you if requested as far as temperatures and humidity, etc. go. There will be no refunds, sorry, even if no eggs hatch. 

  • Shipping Info

    Shipping-  ONLY to the USA lower 48. Any claims for broken eggs (we package really well!) will need to be directed to USPS. Seller not responsible.

          Plan for holidays, the environment, or postal delays as you see appropriate. We ship one way and are not responsible once we hand the package to the clerk at USPS. No refunds for delays.


    All of our precious birds are given the the absolute best care imaginable. Our birds are housed in indoor/outdoor facilities where they are safe from predators at night and are able to enjoy grazing and roam freely during the sunny days. In fall and winter, our birds are kept in a heated in small breeding flocks in their own heated facility and have full spectrum lights over where they ae housed during the day to combat the low light ‘winter blues’ and keep our hens happily laying.  

             Everyone gets the best of food, Organic, non-GMO scratch, custom blended weekly with whole grains, fruits, berries, probiotics and vitamins. Fresh greens including;  fresh wheatgrass, and sprouted grains, various treats, and all the moutian spring water they can drink. 

    We strive to keep all of our birds in the best of condition as overall heath of our animals, and ourself, is top priority.

           When you purchase from Devotion Serama you can expect nothing but the highest quality of birds for your flock; the best of bloodlines, free from disease, handled everyday and ready to become a part of your household.​

                  We are a particapant in the NPIP, ’National Poultry Improvement Plan’, a division of the (USDA), where our birds are tested for communicable pathogens and our farm is also inspected for our cleanliness Biosecurity protocol. 

            We treat our Serama like a close family pets. Selling to fellow ‘Fowl Fanciers’ and backyard chicken owners, simply because we 'just cant keep them all’.  

                   Devotion Serama is a small ‘backyard’ breeder located in the foothills of North Carolina.Dedicated to our love for America’s smallest chicken, the Serama Bantam. 

                We look forward to sharing the enjoyment and rare opportunity of owning the 'Bantam of Kings’ to all we do business with 

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